When I’m hunting for products for my segments on The View, concept excites me and packaging gets my attention. After that, I need to fall in love with the product…or at least be willing to spend the night with it. Here are a few of my latest loves.

Enter KITCHIT.COM. Tell them when you want your chef; what cuisine you prefer; your budget and how many people. Your request gets submitted to KITCHIT’s network of established professional chefs who respond with their proposal and a suggested menu. If you use UBER.COM for car service, think of KITCHIT as the personal chef equivalent.

Recipes and video instruction from established NYC restaurant chefs are the first part of CHEFDAY.COM. Once you decide on the meal, CHEFDAY hand delivers a grocery bag with everything you need to prepare it. It’s like having a personal grocery shopper and a BFF who works in a great NYC restaurant and shares his/her recipes with you. Love the price point too. A meal for two people is $35 including delivery.

What’s not to love about the fun of Champagne and Caviar….IN A CAN!


Here’s what I love about both of these products. They are scaled down, fun versions of two things that many people get all uptight about. This is a fun way to experience Champagne and Caviar without pretense and without breaking the bank.

Remember…concept plus packaging plus a good product equals LOVE!


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