Got Another Hour Back –

Underwear shopping is one of the more tedious chores, not to mention the degradation of navigating through the super narrow maze of displays flaunting overly ripped abs and plumply posed manhood. Fly Front; Contour Pouch; Low Rise; Trunk; Boxer; Boxer Short; Boxer Brief; Sport Brief; No Show; Thong (yeah, no). And why can I never seem to find the same style I bought last time?

Two things I hope to avoid when underwear shopping.

  1. Taking the hour to actually do it.
  2. Politely tolerating assistance from the sales person who I kind of wish would let me figure things out on my own (c’mon, there’s a lot of ego to rebuild in the midst of those vivid box photos).

The solution? MANPACKS.COM. This is a Calvin Klein and Hanes kind of place, so it’s probably not for you if you want the David Beckham special. You create a “pack” (including anything from razors, shaving cream, condoms, socks, undershorts and underwear) and it ships to you within a few days. That’s the only time you have to plan ahead. After that, Manpacks sends a replenishment every 3 months. And how great that they send you an advance reminder before your pack ships just in case you decided that you go commando instead.



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