Don’t Over Think Your Gift Selections

Finding the perfect gift for a friend, or loved one may seem like a difficult task, but the key is to not over think it. “A statement that gives just a little simple delight hits the perfect note” a quote I recently gave to the Wall Street Journal, is absolutely true. Trying to do too much, or spend too much cheapens the gesture, as a gift to someone important to you should come from the heart. Any gift that has a story behind it will be interesting, and more importantly memorable. Anything that caters to their special interests (like pets) or hobbies will show that you put emphasis on the thought, and not the price tag.

A couple of pitfalls to avoid are giving a gift that could be seen as trying to fill a void in a person’s home it can make the host think: “you were disappointed that I didn’t have this in my house?” Your gift should also be something you can present when you walk in the door. It avoids the awkward interactions where your host may wonder if you brought something to thank them for inviting them into your home. Also it’s much easier and direct than taking them out to dinner, or to an event of some kind. If you’re staying for the weekend or just for dinner, you should never show up empty handed. Find something that you know will mean something to your host, and don’t forget your thank you letter. Sending emails are tacky, and who doesn’t love getting something via snail mail these days? It’s much more personal.

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