Daylight Savings Time – I want my hour back!

In my business of Concierge-ing, the slightest “event” can trigger a flood of calls, and I always want to be on the ready. In anticipation of everyone feeling short changed of the hour we “lose” with Daylight Savings Time, I thought I would take the sting away by having a few recommendations for how we can take back some of that hour we begrudgingly lose when we move that clock ahead. Just go with it.

THANK YOU CARDS (that you don’t have to write)  Thanks for everything (from $4.95)

When I was 22, I sent flowers to Barry Manilow (I scored his address from a real estate agent). He never acknowledged my kind gesture.

Could it be because he didn’t know about THANKSFOREVERYTHING.NET? This is a thank you card service that is NOT an e-card. Yes, just like the old fashioned thank you card that comes in the mail (the one I never received from Barry). The price is the same as any other card you might pick up at a stationary store, so it’s well worth looking into if you want to maintain your Social Qs.


KIDS, MOMMIE HAS TIME FOR CRAFTS NOW…even if she’s not crafty ($19.95)

Step up from noodle jewelry and step into a beautifully organized and magnificently easy craft project for your    kids. KIWICRATE.COM is to crafts what Dunkin Hines is to baking. The time consuming part is already done. KIWICRATE.COM comes up with the great ideas, and they put all the ingredients together for you in a cute little “crate” so you don’t have to spend your time hopping from the art supply store to the craft store. The best part is that the craft box is delivered in your child’s name, and what child doesn’t love getting something fun in the mail!



The Chinese delivery is about to arrive and there’s no wine! Imagine the drama of running down to the neighborhood wine store to find that they don’t have a chilled bottle of your favorite.Now imagine that you can avoid the 2 hour average it takes to chill a bottle.  RAVI INSTANT CHILLER is the perfect solution to get instantly chilled wine. All you have to do is remember to keep your Ravi in freezer and ready for the insta-chill it delvers



Deepak Chopra’s CD “THE SECRET OF HEALING” contains 20 guided meditations, all of which are less than 10 minutes long. Don’t laugh, if you really give this a try, you will see that 10 minutes makes an impact. It’s like a quick re-set button for your cluttered mind.  Not to worry if you’re not ready to make the full 10 minute commitment. You can head on to YouTube and watch the 5 minute STRESS FREE ZONE.



 Imagine a Barney’s sales reps putting aside clothes for you, giving you the secret sale price and sending a messenger to your door with your new purchases. That’s how many of my clients shop. I like all the same things, but my budget is too small to attract the attention of the A-list sales reps.

The solution for me is SHOPITTOME.COM. This is like having an intuitive personal shopper lightly tap you on the shoulder (that’s a metaphor for send you an email) whenever they come across something on sale in your size and by the designer you like. It’s a pretty brilliant concept because you can customize your profile in a way that keeps you informed only when your “wish list” items are on sale (40%-70%!!!)

UBER TIME SAVER ($7.00 base plus $3.90 per mile / NYC pricing)

Certain Apps come with implied social status and coolness attached and we are all too proud to have their icon blazing on our home screen. I’m discovering that this is the case with UBER.COM. It’s catching on with a cool city crowd who are too cool to wait for a cab, but not quite at the level of having a car and driver. Here’s how it works. You set up an account, and then whenever you need a town car, UBER.COM tracks your location via GPS and posts your requests to their network of approved drivers. Within 15 minutes, your car arrives. No more calling the car service; waiting on hold; booking the reservation and giving your credit card. It’s all done instantly. Thanks UBER!

CLEAR  ($179 per year) 

Daylight Savings weekend special (Fri-Mon),  $25 off your membership  EXTRAHR is the promo code to enter HERE.

The TSA is testing a  program with American Airlines and Delta Airlines in four U.S. airports (Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Miami) called the Pre Check which means that you can whisk through airport security without taking your shoes off!  But there’s another option called CLEAR that also whisks you through airport security but CLEAR is a private company. They aren’t everywhere, but if you go to their site and find your most travelled airport, you are going to love the ease of this….and the snarky looks you get from all those people that you jumped ahead of is kind of fun too.



It takes time and energy to network work the room. And what’s the reward? Go home and enter all those names, numbers and emails into your address book. Thanks to LinkedIn, CARDMUNCH.COM makes it possible for you to take a photo of the business cards you collected at that networking event. With the App, they will be automatically loaded into your address book. And the bonus is that LinkedIn will also recognize your six degrees of separation and how you can and/or could be linked.


LINE ROCKET (skip the line $20 and up)

How much time do you waste waiting to get acknowledged by the doorman at a nightclub? Here’s the answer…take cuts AND save money on the cover charge. LINEROCKET.COM is trending in the world of nightlife and they already have more than 150 hot clubs in NYC, L.A. and Las Vegas where you can skip the line to break past the velvet rope


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