Thank you Tommy Ton

Two stunning model types were standing in front of Club Monaco on Fifth Avenue and 21st Street tonight. There were clipboards involved and a propensity to avoid eye contact.

OK, it’s not like I’m bragging because I was granted entry to an invitation only private party to launch the new line at Club Monaco. It’s just that I’m reminding you that velvet ropes are just one more example of what many of us experience as a barrier; a gate; an obstacle. Obstacle? What obstacle!

Velvet ropes are props. Clip boards are props. The people controlling them are human!

Step One:
Be human. Don’t get defensive and insulted that you weren’t invited

Step Two:
Ask what’s going on. If you’re enthusiastic about it, I assure you they will share the info.

Step Three:
Ask if you can get in!

End of story… the event was to launch two unisex bags (attache meets man purse) designed by Tommy Ton, the talented eye behind the photo blog Jak and Jil, is on the favorites bar of tons of people, all of whom are cuter, hipper and younger than I.  And because I asked to get in, I enjoyed mingling with a group of amazing fashion bloggers and style influencers. They helped me pick out a few shirts, but more importantly, they told me who Tommy Ton is! I love Messy Nessy’s simple description.

Thanks to Step Three (above), I’m more in the know and I have two really cool shirts…approved by people who were on the list. I also had a lovely cocktail, tuna tartar canapes and mingled with super attractive people who thought I was “fun.”


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