Check? Nevermind, I’ll Get it – I don’t have an hour

More time for small talk and posing. Less time waiting to order or to pay the bill.

I love, a free app that makes it possible to open your own tab, order drinks and pay from your iPhone. It’s not accepted everywhere yet, but I say it’s time to start asking for it everywhere you go. Naysayers…there was a time when no one thought would take off. Impress your friends. Be an influencer and not a follower. But most of all, take back every minute you can and stop waiting for the check. Take charge!

Give Me My Hour Back – = no more receipts

When it comes to receipts, there’s a little bit of George Costanza in all of us. We might not cram them into a bi-fold, but I would wage a bet that there’s not a handbag, briefcase or murse that doesn’t contain a crumpled up wad of receipts and a set of good intentions to organize them.

Enter my first step in more efficiently managing my receipt collection that is leading to faster expense reports which translates to faster reimbursement! is the solution that works for me. You simply set up an account, stuff a Shoeboxed envelope with your messy receipts and ship them off to Shoeboxed. That messy wad of papers becomes an organized e-file and the perfect back up for submitting your expense account. Depending on the plan you select, the price ranges from $9.95 to $49.95 per month. The only down side is that now I have to remember to keep scraps of paper in my murse for when I need to spit out my gum. Yes, in times of need, I was at times desperate enough to sacrifice a taxi receipt for my gum. Afterall…no good New Yorker should EVER spit his or her gum on the street.