Michael Fazio knows that there is a world of access and upgrades that is not reserved only for the rich and famous. Over and over again, he proves that technique and finesse is more important than profile when you’re pushing past the velvet ropes.

Fazio’s book “Concierge Confidential” is a memoir of his career in service that spans from his start as an assistant to a Hollywood talent manager to his current position as co-founder and CEO of Abigail Michaels Concierge, the largest provider of personal Concierge service to residential properties and hotels in New York City.

NPR voted “Concierge Confidential” one of the best guilty pleasure reads of 2011.

An expert on service and the face of the Concierge profession, Michael Fazio has been an expert guest on many national television shows including multiple appearances on The View.

One of the Best Guilty Pleasures and Celebrity Reads of 2011 —NPR’s All Things Considered

Juicy stories about celebrities behaving badly, temper tantrums of the fabulously wealthy, and his victories in scoring seemingly unattainable prizes for his clients. —AOL Travel

A hilarious peek at the tricky situations a caretaker at a top New York hotel finds himself in. —Harper’s Bazaar

There’s a little bit of con in concierge. It’s our job. —Michael Fazio in Entertainment Weekly